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“Ice” Answers – Fall/09

Posted by admin On October - 19 - 2009

“Ask Ice” is an periodic installment to answer some of the most important and burning questions in the automotive industry. Well okay maybe the questions are not that important but this girl “Ice” is funny as hell and she has a pretty interesting take on cars and life. People can submit questions in her original post “Ask Ice” and we choose random ones for Ice to answer. The people lucky enough to get their questions selected receive some good freebie stuff from us. Here is the Fall/09  post, enjoy!

Ask "Ice"


Winning Question 1:

“Dear Ice – What do you find to be the most attractive part of the car (wheels, color, etc..) and and what is your favorite type of motor vehicle (sports car, big truck, luxury car, motorcycle, etc…)?” – Anton

My Anton,

I am soooo happy you asked me this question, tis a good one my friend. Let me ask you this first…Have you ever seen that Cadillac Escalade commercial that aired for a while last year? You know the one with the hot chick with the accent? Yayayayya…that one…what does she say is one of the #1 things women look for when buying a car? CUPHOLDERS!…She said it more like CCCCKKKKKKUUUPHOLDers…. You know what? After seeing that commercial I just couldn’t agree more that CCKKKKKKKUUUUUPPPPPHHHOLDers are probably the sexiest part of  any ride I am owning. I mean what is more important that having your drink in an extremely convenient location….and when I have a drink available I would say 27 out of 27 times I have had something to eat with it…whether it be snack or meal….I am a woman who embraces and appreciates a good meal. I actually wouldn’t mind bathing in slabs of ribs right now as we speak. To be quite truthful in some instances I would probably take a good meal over the sexy time. I don’t do this salad/leaf  ‘I want to look like a big sissy while I eat because I want to impress some guy who I realize in the first 5 minutes just wants to shack it up with me”….. but instead I will order that Lobster dinner that will make my  mouth water and burn a hole in his wallet.’  I win….

In other words the way to my heart is through my stomach and if a vehicle can provide me convenient capabilities for me to consume while driving a motor vehicle , then I cannot think of anything more attractive about a car than that….

Winning Question 2:

“Dear Ice – I have an older friend that is close-minded and does not appreciate any car made after the “good old days” of the 70’s. How do you explain to someone that a fun car is a fun car, regardless of vintage or make?” – Brad

Dear Rad Brad..

First off I would like to thank you for writing in…Secondly, I am not quite sure what your friend is thinking but  the 70’s sucked…for God’s sake the Hacky Sack was invented in 1972.. I could have lived just as happily without years of seeing stoned kids who apparently forgot to wear deodorant let alone know what a bar of soap was standing in a circle kicking a knitted sack of rice or beads or whatever the hell it is in place of having to realize how much they actually all sucked at life.The only good things that came out of the 70’s were a few of my friends and ABBA. Other than that, it wasn’t even a part of history I need to read about in a textbook.

So what I would do to address this ignorance is to ask this ‘older friend’ what the hell do you like about ’70’s rides so much to think such an absurd thought?  Ohhh…it must be the fact that your  ‘Good ‘ol Days’ ride bends you over  when you drive her…..you fill her up, drive two blocks over 45mph  and turn back around to make your second trip to the gas station to get charged another $ . 95 fee for using your ATM card to spend another $50 to fill up and gain another 5lbs because you cannot resist the aroma of the glazed donuts  that seduces your stomach with goodness and the excitement you feel to see the Mountain Dew slurpee to wash it down with every single time you go inside to pay (damn that was a long sentence). To make it worse people will think you are just being “THAT GUY” driving his muscle car around in circles, revvvvving his engine just to make sure everybody saw him and recognized that his custom paint job and polished rims still look the exact same way they did 15minutes prior. We got it “GUY” and cause nobody cares and you for sure ain’t safe from getting made fun of….

Now,  not appreciating any car made after the ‘good ‘ol days is pretty much saying you think Sophia Loren is beautiful  but then you would turn down an X-Rated night with Megan Fox after you saw her Maxim spread and also heard that she likes not only men but wouldn’t mind a rendevous with the XX chromosomes…its doubtful you would…If you did that you might as well tell God his artwork sucks, however I do not recommend doing that. So despite age, color or physique a beautiful woman is a beautiful woman when you see one, there is no denying that… then why wouldn’t you give props to a bad ass ride when you saw one whether it be from the 1970’s or 2010…I mean you are a GUY after all and if you do not appreciate all forms of beauty not only in women but in cars of today and the yester-year then I guess your buddy should snatch up his MAN-CARD from his man purse, which is sitting right next to his hacky sack which would be conveniently located in his soft top convertible Mazda Miata….

Winning Question 3:

“Dear Ice – I own a `91 Nissan 240sx, and for the last year or so i’ve been slowly rebuilding it… the Motor arrives tomorrow, and with any luck, i’ll have it on the road by the end of this month. My question to you is… What Power mods do you think would b best for my Ride, the Motor i found is the Original Ka24DE that came factory, with slight mods built into the redesign. I was Hoping i could get your inside Opinion on the Car… THnx…” – Whisper.

Hello Whisper,

I don’t know jack didly squat about  Nissans but what I can tell you is I am glad to see you didn’t do some retarded thing like throw a Toyota or small block Chevy engine in there. Way to keep it old school! What is up with taking engines and throwing them into things where they don’t belong. Call me old fashioned but you gotta have some serious manly issues if you need to “transplant” something artificially that you were’nt given from the start. The guys at T-Netics say that throwing a “red top” in, whatever the hell that is, is okay cause thats the way it’s done in the homeland but I am not so sure. I am into all nat-tur-al and that means enverything baby! You just gotta use the most of what God gave ya.

Since I am not the 240 master I am going to relay what the boys over at Turbonetics told me. They said that since you decided to keep the KA engine in to take advantage of its torquey (is that a word) qualities and bolt-on a nice mid sized T3/T4 hybrid like a GT-K-500. Speaking of hybrids I am liking this crowd, there are some hooooot half breeds in the automotive industry, I could do some damage around here….

Ice out!

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9 Responses to ““Ice” Answers – Fall/09”

  1. Anton says:

    Ice, I think you would do very well in my circle of friends especially the one that thinks his GTO is be all end all of cars. I’ll try to point him this way so you can rip him a new one.



  2. Ice says:

    Anton…. Tell your buddy to bring his “A” Game… grab his fannypack and Rainbow Bright lunch pail, cause I am taking his arse to school!!!!!!!

  3. Jerry says:

    Why should someone choose turbo over supercharger?

  4. Lev says:

    Is it true that sitting in Ford’s for too long can give you a pink sock?

  5. Sam says:

    V-Ice, I don’t want to get in to specifics about my profession but let’s just say I am experienced in the art of Puma wrangling. My question to you…do Puma’s (seeing as you look like one) like the hissing sound of blow-off valves? Does it tickle their fancy?

  6. NeonRocks says:

    Dear Ice Ice Baby -

    I am considering getting some sic green neon put on the bottom of my 1998 Camry. Considering you are a hot single latina, wouldn’t that turn you on?

  7. Ice says:

    Ice loves the questions!! Keep them coming suckas!…..Some responses should be up next week….and Jerry…your queston??!!! C’mon man we all believe you got more in you than that…WEEEEAAAAAAK! ;)

  8. Anton says:

    Whats going on Ice, I am going to go ahead and send my buddy a link to this, just as a heads up he used to drive turbo neon :D

  9. jonny says:

    i have a talon tsi all modefied need to talk safc is complicated

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