Industrial Boosting systems


With today's vehicles and engines, look to the leader in forced induction technology to deliver bolt-on systems. Our engineering staff is constantly working on new ways to deliver more efficient power in kit form, to provide maximum power and reliability. If you are looking to increase power or compensate for power loss at altitude, industrial stationary applications, our systems are designed to include everything you need. Our systems incorporate fuel and ignition control along with all the plumbing and piping for no-hassle bolt-on performance. All system pieces mount to existing factory positions and maintain all original equipment, including factory air conditioning. To maximize performance, we perform extensive testing utilizing a MoTeC/Horiba wide-band oxygen sensor and in-house dyno testing.


• Complete with all parts necessary to bolt-on including detailed installation instructions

• Extensive R&D and dynomometer testing for maximum durability and performance

• Custom engine tuning included ensuring proper air/fuel ratios and reliability

• Ability to create unique applications and/or private labeling for our partner companies