Industrial Controls & Valves Advantages


Turbonetics is the OE provider of boost regulators for world class companies such as CAT and Waukesha. We supply companies all across the globe with boost control valves for a multitude of industries. From oil & gas to open pit mining, Turbonetics has the expertise to help meet your forced induction needs.


Our wastegate and by-pass valve lineup is able to be applied on low displacement (< 1 liter), low boost (< 5 psi) applications all the way up to large 10+ liter engines running 100+ psi in compound boost setups. From automotive gasoline to natural gas powered stationary engines, Turbonetics has your boost control needs covered. Turbonetics industrial products are built to last. Offered as original equipment on large displacement natural gas and diesel power plants, our regulators endure extreme hours and conditions to control boost year after year. Made in a variety of different configurations for numerous types of industrial applications, these valves use the latest technology and materials specs to deliver on strict OEM requirements.



Large Frame Regulator