Industrial Heat exchangers


Conventional intercooler cores are thin-walled, extruded aluminum tubes that are not designed to handle extreme boost pressures and limit cooling performance because of their narrow width. Spearco's W.A.V.E. Technology Cores (Wide Area Vane Effectiveness) utilize the latest design advances in strength and durability and maximize cooling effectiveness through a greater surface area. In addition to our selection of cast-aluminum manifolds which are used on a variety of cores, it is also possible to fabricate special manifolds from sheet and channel aluminum for special applications to fit all intercooler installation requirements and aid you in initial fit and function.


Spearco can also fabricate complete assemblies to our customer's specifications or sketches as well as offering complete engineering assistance for intercooler design and applications. Specializing in both air-to-air and air-to-liquid type heat exchangers, our engineering staff is ready to provide solutions to cool your forced induction applications. Whether you need a stronger core design to withstand higher boost pressures, an intercooler assembly to increase fuel efficiency, water/radiator solutions, engine/transmission oil cooler or a unique high performance application focusing on horsepower capabilities, Spearco has what you are looking for.



• W.A.V.E. Technology cores provide greater efficiency. Bar & Plate design for rugged conditions and high boost pressures

• Core construction process withstands high pressures (100+ psi)

• Increase fuel economy by providing a denser air intake charge

• Air to air and air to liquid internal and external vane designs help to lower inlet temperatures