Manufacturing Capabilities

VSR (Vibration Sorting Rig) Balancing:

Typical turbochargers are assembled from components which are separately balanced using conventional low-speed, hard bearing balancing machines. At the turbine end, the balance is not affected by assembly into the cartridge, but at the compressor end, small errors in the wheel, the shaft, the thrust collar and the nose nut can cause an accumulation of balance error. At extreme speed, these accumulations can cause bearing failure, oiling issue and noisy operation. Read More->


Heins Balancing:

These machines are used to measure the amount of imbalance that the individual compressor wheels and turbine wheels have. It is virtually impossible to cast and machine a part in perfect balance but Turbonetics uses a special casting process called H.I.P. or Hot Isostatic Processing, as well as precision CNC lathes to machine our compressor wheels. H.I.P.’ing allows us to reduce the porosity and strengthen the casting of our compressor wheels. Just like a tire must undergo testing to make sure that it can rotate properly at highway speeds, the turbos rotating parts must also be measured.


Quality Control:

Turbonetics QMS is in place to deliver the highest quality the first time, on time. We make use of a strict quality system to ensure that parts are ready to go and perform as they should. Utilizing a digital optical comparator, CMM and complete range of testing measuring devices, Turbonetics is committed to quality.

Check Wheels

CNC Machining:

Turbonetics has a full machine shop consisting of both CNC lathes and mills. Setup for machining processes on all of our castings for in-house delivery allows Turbonetics to flexibly deliver orders in a quick and reliable manner.

CNC Lathe

Dyno Testing:

With both an eddy current Superflow chassis dyno and a Dynapack Dyno Turbonetics has the ability to perform loadable tuning for our system development. This also allows us to fine tune all of our boosting systems to comply with all  emissions regulations while still obtaining the utmost power possible.

Superflow Dyno

Production Assembly:

Our manufacturing systems allow our technicians to build the highest quality turbochargers, intercoolers and valves possible. Built with strict assembly procedures and balanced multiple times on both the Heins and VSR give Turbonetics products the field advantage.

Assembled Turbos
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