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Since 1978, Turbonetics has been the leading source for turbochargers and forced induction components. Founded on performance and racing applications, the extreme testing placed on our patented technology by the aftermarket, allows Turbonetics to succeGlobal Marketsssfully address challenges faced by a wide variety of industries. Today, Turbonetics manufactures turbocharger, heat exchanger and control products for gasoline, diesel and alternative fuel applications.  Turbonetics has the unique ability to combine our individual component specialties with precise engine tuning to create incredibly reliable and powerful bolt-on forced induction systems. No other company has the expertise for designing and engineering but also applying and manufacturing forced induction solutions.


Both aftermarket and original equipment suppliers choose Turbonetics products across a myriad of perform ance and industrial offerings. We have successfully met product needs for our customers whether the intended use is for land, unmanned aviation or marine applications. If you need better aerodynamic performance, increased durability in extreme use, greater time between overhaul or greater efficiency in your forced induction systems, please contact our support staff to help you find the solutions you are looking for.


Partner Benefits:

  • Increase Your Profits
    • With our turbocharger and intercooler technology we can raise your fuel economy, lengthen TBO and reduce the high cost of maintenance/repair replacement of your existing product applications
  • Flexible & Scalable
    • With over 100 years of engineering and sales experience, we work closely with your team to deliver successful projects no matter
      how large or small your requirements. Let us help you lead your market segments
  • Certified Technicians
    • Aerospace welding, precision balancing capabilities for rotating components/assemblies, 3D drawing/modeling, as well as a full
      machining and manufacturing facility
  • Research & Development
    • Complete aerodynamic and airflow testing combined with multiple dynomometers used for product tests, ensure the best performing
      forced induction pieces possible




Our technology and engineering staff are capable of solving many extreme duty boost related performance and durability issues for a wide variety of platforms

Industrial Engine


Able to answer specific problems faced by these unique applications. From material sourcing to finished product we deliver quality solutions


Boosting Systems:

Not only experts in manufacturing all forced induction components, we also excel in tuning and packaging complete vehicle systems

Industrial Engine

Street Car & Diesel Performance:

Offering drop-in turbocharger and intercooler upgrades as well as custom matched and fabricated units to provide ideal results

Performance Street Vehicles


From drag-strips and tractor pulls to Bonneville or Rallycross our technologically advanced products are engineered and built to win



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