Andy Jensen


Turbonetics has been involved in racing since the beginning of the company. We believe that racing helps increase the level of technology and performance of our products. The family of racers that we support know they must gain every edge they can. That is why they choose Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing turbochargers and Spearco W.A.V.E. Technology intercoolers. Racers know that when they need the very best performance they can count on Turbonetics and Spearco to deliver the latest turbo and intercooler designs, built by the best technicians in the industry. From the new forged and machined 122 mm Pro Stock Tractor Puller turbo to a 250 HP T3 on a snowmobile, Turbonetics has what racers around the globe need to finish first


Our products are built to withstand the rigors of competitive racing. The patented ceramic ball bearing design and bomb proof intercooler cores are capable of running the insane boost pressures racers need to finish first in today’s ultra competitive race classes


Even if you aren’t on the Turbonetics race team you can still experience service like you are, with Turbonetics exclusive No-Fault/No-Hassle Warranty. Even if you are racing we will still take care of you. No questions asked. Have peace of mind that Turbonetics stands behind it’s products and it’s customers.

Whether you are competing on land, sand, air, or water, our extended team of Turbonetics racers set and hold records worldwide and we are very proud to help these winners continue in the quest to be the quickest and fastest vehicles on the planet.