Performance Boosting Systems


Turbonetics Turbo Systems are for you. Whether you have a four cylinder sport compact or a V-8 muscle car, Turbonetics Turbo Systems include everything you need from fuel and ignition to piping and fittings for  complete bolt-on turbo performance. For today’s high performance vehicles, look to the leader in Turbocharging technology to deliver you a bolt-on turbo system for your high performance needs. Turbonetics’ engineering staff is constantly working on new ways to make your turbo system more efficient and deliver the most power possible. Call today for more information on all the new systems available and find out which vehicles will have turbo systems arriving soon.


Turbo System R&D:
Turbonetics offers complete turbo systems from intake to exhaust. The Turbonetics turbo system is a true O.E. bolt-on that does not require any major modifications in order to install. All system pieces mount to existing factory positions and maintain all original equipment, including factory air conditioning. With Turbonetics Turbo Systems, you no longer have to worry about having your vehicle out of operation for 4-6 weeks in order to get a custom turbo kit fabricated. Our systems can typically be installed in one day. In addition, you don’t have to worry about inexperienced tuners experimenting with your car, because our fuel and ignition management systems are pre-programmed to maintain a consistent air/fuel ratio and timing control under all conditions.


All available Turbonetics turbo systems are CARB Exempt meaning you can boost your vehicle with confidence. What better to go with a hassle free warranty than a hassle free turbo system!

All turbo systems below are rated at Crank Horsepower

15168-1 Ford Mustang GT 2005 - 2009 4.6L, V8 300 550
 15196 Ford Mustang  GT 2005 - 2009 4.6L, V8 300  Variable (Tuner System)
15192Chevrolet CamaroSS20106.1L, V8426614
15194Chevrolet CamaroSS20106.1 L, V8426Variable (Tuner System)


• Patented Ceramic Ball Bearing Turbocharger

• W.A.V.E. Technology Air-to-Air Intercooler System
• Mandrel-Bent Aluminum Piping
• High Pressure Silicone Hose and Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps
• Evolution External Wastegate
• Exhaust Manifold – High Carbon Cast-Steel (when applicable)
• Raptor By-Pass/Blow-Off Valve
• Fuel/Timing Management System
• Additional High Flow Fuel Injectors
• Mandrel-Bent Downpipe with Closed-Loop Wastegate Discharge
• Intake System and High Flow Air Filters
• All Necessary Hardware, Lines and Fittings