Super Thumper Turbos

Thumper Turbocharger

Whoever said “size doesn’t matter” did not work with our R&D department to develop the Super Thumper line of turbochargers. Sized from 91mm all the way up to our 115mm model, these turbos are meant to move massive amounts of air for huge horsepower.








Super Thumper
Recommended Wastegate: 
Newgen (HP)
Recommended Blow-Off Valve: 


Rated to make 1400 HP starting with the 91mm all the way up to 2400HP with the 115mm, this family of turbos comes standard with Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing option and huge 7/16” shaft size for maximum durability. Stay tuned for the brand new 122mm model, currently under development with our Race Support teams.


Horsepower Rating: 
1400HP - 2200HP
30 lbs.

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