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The following Terms and Conditions are effective January 1st, 2011 and are subject to change without notice.


Distributor discount: 35% off Factory Direct Pricing (MSRP). No other discount levels are available.

Orders over USD10,000.00 will get an additional 5% off the distributor price. Orders must be placed with a minimum lead time of 4 weeks, and as a single shipment with one shipment date. No drop shipments or multiple shipments are allowed. In addition, freight for qualifying orders will be paid for by Turbonetics (ground shipping) if the ship to address is within the Continental United States.


Turbonetics will accept only written purchase orders. These orders may be faxed or E-mailed.

MINIMUM ORDER: The minimum purchase order value accepted is $50.00

PAYMENT TERMS: Standard terms of sale are payment due to release shipment. Customers with account history of at least 6 months may apply for payment terms. Normal terms of sale are Net 30 days from date of invoice. Accounts not paid in full within 30 days of invoice date are considered late. Any invoices not paid within 30 days of due date may be placed on hold until account is paid in full.

PAYMENT METHOD: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Paypal, cashier’s check, money order and bank wire transfer are accepted. Company checks are accepted only upon prior approval.

RETURNED CHECKS: Any customer check returned to Turbonetics for insufficient funds from any institution will incur a $25.00 USD processing charge. Any customer who submits an invalid check will be refused further shipments until such time as any outstanding debt is cleared. Customers submitting invalid checks are subject to cancellation of their buying status and / or their payment terms. Turbonetics will prosecute any fraudulent payments to the full extent of the law.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: All International orders will be held for prepayment for no more than 30 days. Any prepaid order exceeding the 30 day policy will be returned to inventory.

SPECIAL MADE/CUSTOMER SPECIFIC PRODUCT: All special/ custom made, customer specific assemblies require a 50% deposit at the time of order. With heat exchanger product this will also include a customer approved drawing and signature approval prior to product being manufactured. There will be no returns or exchanges on this class of product.


SHIPPING: All shipments are FOB Simi Valley, California, USA Shipping charges include insurance for full value of the product unless prohibited by the shipping agency.

FREE FREIGHT: Orders of $10,000 or more being shipped to a single location qualify for prepaid freight within the Continental United States only.

DROP SHIPMENTS: There will be a $20 service charge on all drop shipment order. A drop shipment order is any order that is not shipped directly to the distributor’s place of business that is registered in our system.

CLAIMS: A claim for damage in transit must be made by the customer directly to the shipping agency as soon as the damage is discovered. Retain all boxes, cartons, packaging materials and damaged product for inspection by delivery carrier. Turbonetics is not liable for the condition of merchandise as handled by the shipper once the shipper has accepted delivery from Turbonetics. DO NOT deduct the damaged product from your payment remittance.

RETURNED GOODS AUTHORIZATION TRACKING NUMBER: Turbonetics will only accept product returns, repair orders/upgrades, and warranty requests that have been approved and are returned with a corresponding Returned Goods Authorization (RGA) tracking number. Contact Turbonetics for approval and the RGA number. Write the RGA number clearly on the outside of the package and include it inside the package. This is very important in allowing us to properly identify and process your request. Failure to comply with this requirement will result in the delay of processing or the product being returned to you.

RETURN POLICY: Only unused and complete merchandise in its original packaging may be accepted for return subject to inspection and acceptance by Turbonetics. No goods will be accepted without prior return authorization from Turbonetics. Call for approval and RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) tracking number. • No returns will be accepted without an RGA tracking number. • No returns will be accepted after ninety (90) days from the original shipping date from Turbonetics unless approved. • All approved returns are subject to a 15% restocking charge NO EXCEPTIONS. • The original invoice must accompany the return. • Approved returns will be issued credit only.

REFUSED SHIPMENTS: “Refused shipment” are not allowed. Non-acceptance of product shipped from Turbonetics, Inc. will result in a future requirement of “Pre-Payment only”. In the unlikely event of a misdirected shipment or an error in order processing, The customer must contact Turbonetics customer Service Department for return instructions. Customers are required to report shortages within 48 hours following receipt of shipment.



1) Only one stock adjustment per calendar year totaling no more than 5% of the distributor’s previous year’s net purchases will be allowed.

2) Turbonetics will only accept stock adjustments from October 1st through November 30th.

3) Account must be in good standing

4) Stock adjustment request must be submitted for approval with an itemized packing list as well as invoice number and invoice date of the original purchase. All stock adjustment requests must also be accompanied by a two- for- one offsetting order.

5) No obsolete or discontinued product will be accepted

6) All products must be in new and resalable condition. Damaged product will not be accepted.

7) Product returned in damaged packaging will be subject to an additional 10% restocking charge

8) Stock adjustment will be credited at the price level in effect at the time of original purchase.

9) Shipments back to Turbonetics are the responsibility of the distributor

10) All product returns under the stock adjustment program are subject to the conditions of general product return policy, including a 15% restocking fee.

REPAIR ORDERS / PERFORMANCE UPGRADES Contact a Sales and Technical Support Representative for information on turbocharger and related product repairs and performance upgrades. Available options, estimated pricing, shipment method, and RGA (Returned Goods Authorization) tracking number will be communicated at the time of the call. After receipt of the product, we will contact you with our visual inspection evaluation and final pricing. At that time you will be asked for approval to complete the repair / upgrade. Not communicating your decision within 30 days after this contact may result in the return of the product to you.

STANDARD & "NO-FAULT / NO-HASSLE" WARRANTY PROGRAM: All Turbonetics products are covered under our standard 12 month warranty policy, covering defects in workmanship or material. In addition, Turbonetics No Fault / No Hassle Warranty Policy includes all Turbonetics manufactured products such as turbochargers with compressor wheel diameters smaller than 88mm, heat exchangers, wastegates & by-pass valves for a period of one year from the date of purchase (please see exclusions below). NEW On-Line Warranty Registration: To make certain you’re No Fault / No Hassle Warranty policy is available in the event you have a problem with your Turbonetics product within the first year of ownership it is required that you register your Turbonetics product on-line through Turbonetics web site within 30 days of purchase.


To do so please go to http://www.turboneticsinc.com/solutions/warrantyregistration.php or visit the home page and click on the Solutions tab, then click the Warranty tab, then the Warranty Registration tab. Warranty is non-transferable. You will need the following information to register.

1. Your name and contact information

2. A copy of the original purchase receipt (either directly from Turbonetics or a qualified dealer/distributor)

3. Part number and description of unit being registered

4. Serial number shown on Turbonetics decal located on backplate of turbocharger

5. Vehicle application information

a. Year

b. Make

c. Model

If you have any trouble registering please contact Turbonetics Customer Service Department at 805-581-0333. WARNING: The factory installed oil inlet filter was designed to help prevent contaminates in the lubricating oil from entering and damaging the turbocharger bearing system. All turbocharger that come from the factory with the pre-installed oil inlet filter are marked with a special tamper evident sealer, if this filter is removed or the sealer disturbed it will void your no fault no hassle factory warranty so use care when installing or removing fittings not to disturb this sealer. Your turbocharger’s wheels have been precision balanced both individually and then as a rotating assembly. If the relationship or position of any of the rotating components changes from the factory setting it will compromise the precision balance of the components and cause the turbocharger to fail prematurely. There is a tamper evident sealer on the turbine shaft and nut, if this seal is disturbed or removed your warranty will be voided. Turbonetics’ Warranty Policy does not cover the following:

1. Charges incurred for installation or removal of any Turbonetics or associated products.

2. Replacing any custom upgrades or modifications done to our products.

3. Multiple warranty claims of the same turbocharger

4. This warranty is Nontransferable and is only effective to the original end user.


If you suspect a problem with your Turbonetics product the following steps must be taken prior to any warranty consideration.

1. Please refer to the Turbonetics web site and review the troubleshooting guide

2. Contact Turbonetics Sales/Tech Support at 805-581-0333 for trouble shooting assistance prior to unit being removed from vehicle.

a. Misdiagnoses of turbocharger related problems are a common occurrence, the majority of turbochargers returned to the factory for warranty consideration are found to have no defects.

b. To save everybody time and labor cost it is our policy to help diagnose your potential turbocharger problem before it’s removed from the engine.

c. If a turbocharger is returned without the Tech/Sales department diagnoses and the unit found to be free of defects in material and or workmanship you will be responsible for the cost of time and materials to rebuild the turbocharger

d. If it’s been determined by our Tech/Sales department that the unit needs to be returned for warranty consideration you must obtain an RMA# from customer Service.

3. Turbonetics Customer Service Department will provide a RMA# (Return Material Authorization)

a. On-line registration of your Turbonetics product must have taken place within 30 days of purchase date.

Co-op Advertising Program: No Co-op advertising funds are allocated starting January 2011. If you are interested in a Co-op advertising agreement specifically for your company, please contact Turbonetics with your proposal.



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