Torque-Master Diesel Products


Turbochargers:Ed Kasper

Diesel Performance is the hottest and fastest growing aftermarket performance segment and Turbonetics has all the upgrades you need for your Ford,  Chevy/GMC and Dodge. Having spent 30 years as the leader in turbocharging and intercooling high performance, we have designed the most aerodynamically efficient turbos and intercoolers possible for the new generation of diesel vehicles. Whether you are a serious tractor pulling competitor, a weekend warrior trying to make full pulls with your truck, or you just want more towing capacity and pulling performance in your daily driver or work truck, the Turbonetics Torque-Master Diesel Performance line is for you.

Spearco Intercoolers:

Spearco Intercoolers have been the leader in forced induction heat exchangers for over 25 years and this expertise has been applied to the Torque-Master lineup as well. Fabricated and assembled by certified welders, these intercoolers are nearly unbreakable, because that’s what it takes to survive the boost pressures and tire-shaking forces at the top of the leader board. Built with the highest quality aluminum, exact measurements, double seam welded, and pressure tested to over 100 psi, Spearco Intercoolers are the strongest,most efficient