GT-K Turbochargers


325 - 1000 HP

The GT-K series, Turbonetics’ premium turbochargers covering the 325 to 1050 horsepower range, is expanding its lineup with HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheels in the newly developed GT-K 600, 700, 750, 850, and 1050 turbochargers. A further development over the HP compressor wheels, the HPC compressor wheels provide even greater efficiency and airflow. To withstand the extreme pressures, HPC compressor wheels are machined from forged blanks instead of standard bar stock. Wheels machined from forged blanks have stronger blades and wheel hubs, allowing maximum airflow while minimizing rotating mass.


In addition to Turbonetics HPC forged billet compressor wheels, the newly developed GT-K 600, 700, 750, 850, and 1050 turbochargers feature brushed satin finish on the compressor housing and black ceramic coated turbine housing for the distinguished look. The brushed satin finish is an extremely durable finish that is scratch and chip resistant. The black ceramic coating on the turbine housing further differentiates the Billet GT-K series from the lineup.


As with previous GT-K turbochargers, the patented Ceramic Ball Bearing center housing rotating assembly (CHRA) is standard on all GT-K turbochargers. Turbonetics Ceramic Ball Bearing design offers 50 times greater thrust capacity and is more resilient under high temperature shut-downs than a conventional journal bearing design. The patented “angular-contact” design offers extreme strength because it is used as the thrust-loading surface. This exclusive technology allows ultrafast transient response and extremely quick spooling of the turbocharger. With Turbonetics GT-K turbochargers, you will build boost faster at the line and reach targeted boost pressure sooner in the RPM band.

GT-K 600 C-61 4.0"/2.5" F1-62 T3 0.65 A/R 4-bolt / 3" V-Band 11587 11588
GT-K 700 C-64 4.0"/2.5" F1-65 T3 0.65 A/R 4-bolt / 3" V-Band 11589 11590
GT-K 750 C-69 4.0"/2.5" F1-68 T4 0.81 A/R 4-bolt / 4" V-Band 11591 11592
GT-K 850 C-72 4.0"/2.5" F1-68 T4 0.81 A/R 4-bolt / 4" V-Band 11585 11586
GT-K 1050 C-75 4.0"/2.5" F1-68 T4 0.96 A/R 4-bolt / 4" V-Band 11593 11594

Aerodynamics is what separates the GT-K turbo line from the competition. Equipped with the latest Billet Compressor Wheels, designed to maximize efficiency at high boost pressures, and the F1 turbine wheel, created to capture the maximum exhaust gas energy and reduce backpressures, the GT-K family of turbos delivers unequaled performance. When paired with the Map Enhancement Porting of the GT-K compressor housings, these wheels flow huge volumes of air at high pressure ratios while still delivering a cool efficient intake charge.


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