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Billet GT-K 1050

Billet GT-K 1050
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Price: $2,419.99
Availability: 2 - 3 Days
Part #: 11593
Manufacturer: Turbonetics

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The GT-K 1050 with billet compressor wheel is the largest turbocharger in our new lineup of billet compressor wheel based GT-K turbos. This unit features a 76mm (HPC-76) billet compressor wheel for exceptional performance when only the best will do. Our forged billet HPC compressor wheels provide even greater efficiency and flow and are designed to withstand extreme pressures. Each HPC compressor wheel is machined from forged blanks and have stronger blades and wheels hubs to provide you with the maximum airflow while minimizing the rotating mass. This unit also features our F1-68 (68mm) turbine wheel to provide for a quick and efficient 1050 HP. As with all of our GT-K models this unit ships standard with our patented ceramic ball bearing system and optional water cooling available.


Comp. Wheel
Turbine Wheel
Turbine Housing
Turbine Housing
Inlet / Outlet
GT-K 1050
T4 0.96 A/R
4-bolt / 4" V-Band


Turbonetics Billet GT-K turbochargers feature:

  • HPC forged billet aluminum compressor wheel
  •  Exclusive brushed satin finish on compressor housing
  •  Enhanced Map Porting
  •  Patented ceramic ball bearing design
  •  F1-series 713C inconel turbine wheel
  •  Black ceramic coated turbine housing w/ V-band discharge
  •  Liquid-cooled center housing option (16mm)
Billet GT-K 1050
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Billet GT-K 1050
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Billet GT-K 1050
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