T Series Turbochargers

T-Series Turbocharger

Turbonetics offers custom-matched and custom-built turbochargers designed to get you across the finish line first! Designated the T-Series, this turbo family incorporates the latest “state-of-the-art” turbocharger aerodynamics and the toughest durability available to the maximum performance engine builder.


T-Series Turbos
Recommended Wastegate: 
RG-45 or Newgen
Recommended Blow-Off Valve: 
Duo-35 or Godzilla


With a wide range of flow capacities (HP58, HP61, HP64, HP66, HP70, HP72 and HP76) capable of supporting 500 to 950 HP with a single turbo. All T-Series turbos are custom built to your specific application and include the Turbonetics Big Shaft components. Dynamic seal is standard.

T-Series turbochargers are matched with Turbonetics F1 Turbine Wheels from 550 HP 62mm and 700 HP 65mm to the 950 HP 68mm.


Horsepower Rating: 
450HP - 1000HP
15-20 lbs.

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