Ford Mustang GT V8 Tuner System 2005-09


For those wanting to customize their turbo setup, Turbonetics offers the kit for the 2005-2009 Mustang GT V8 4.6l (manual transmissions) as a tuner kit. The kit comes with the same turbo as in the complete system.


Contact us to learn more about price and availability of different turbo options (turbos available up to 800HP).


Main features:

·          60 series Ceramic Ball Bearing turbo

·        60mm compressor inducer

·         Spearco Front Mount Air to Air Intercooler                                       

·         Evolution 35mm external wastegate

·         All exhaust and intake plumbing

·         All mounting hardware included


Not included:

·         Spark plugs

·         Injectors

·         Air Filter

·         Handheld tuner

·         Fuel pump controller

·         Thermostat

·         Misc. Hardware


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This system does not meet current emissions standards in California or in many other jurisdictions.  As such, this system is designed for use in closed course racing applications only, and is not designed or intended for use on a public highway. It is customer’s sole responsibility to ensure that this system is used in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Turbonetics shall not be held liable for unlawful vehicle operation, and customer assumes all risks and expenses relating thereto.






Mustang GT 4.6 V8 2005-09 (manual only)
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Major Components


1.       Turbocharger, Ceramic Ball Bearing

2.       Wastegate, Turbonetics Evolution External 

3.       Intercooler, Spearco front mount 

4.       By-Pass Valve, Bosch

5.       Exhaust plumbing, T304 Stainless (un-polished) TIG welded.

  • a.       From stock Cat converters to turbocharger,
  • b.      From turbocharger back to stock exhaust system
  • c.       From wastegate discharge into exhaust downpipe   

6.       Intake plumbing,

  • a.       Aluminum tube, TIG welded & polished. From turbocharger to intercooler
  • b.      Cast aluminum & polished from intercooler to throttle body
  • c.       Silicone molded hose, stock air box to turbocharger

7.       De-gas reservoir

8.       Heat shielding, Turbine housing + tube wrap

9.       Hardware kits (Fastener, Fittings, Gaskets, Clamps, Hoses, Oil Lines)




Horsepower Rating: 
Turbo and components capable of over 600HP
150 lbs.

Technical Data


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