Warranty Policy


IMPORTANT: Please read the Trouble Shooting Guide first to try and eliminate any issues that you are having in regards to improper turbocharger functionality before requesting an RGA from Turbonetics customer service - Turbonetics Trouble Shooting Guide


Turbonetics Limited No Fault / No Hassle Warranty Policy includes all Turbonetics manufactured products suWarrantych as turbochargers, heat exchangers, wastegates&by-pass valves for a period of one year from the date of purchase and online registration.


Mid-frame, Y2k and Thumper series turbochargers are intended for extreme duty/race applications and are warranted against defects in material and or workmanship only for a period of 30 days from the date of original invoice.


Warranty Registration:
To assure your Limited No Fault / No Hassle Warranty is available in the event a problem occurs, it is required that you register your Turbonetics product on-line within 30 days of purchase. You will need the following information to register.

  • Your name and contact information
  • A copy of the original purchase receipt (either directly from Turbonetics or a qualified dealer/distributor)
  • Part number and description of unit being registered
  • Serial number shown on Turbonetics decal located on aluminum round backplate attached to the compressor housing
  • Vehicle application information
    • Year
    • Make
    • Model

If you have any issues registering your turbocharger, please contact our customer service department at 805-581-0333

The factory installed oil inlet filter was designed to help prevent contaminates in the lubricating oil from entering and damaging the turbocharger bearing system.
All turbocharger that come from the factory with the pre-installed oil inlet filter are marked with a special tamper evident sealer, if this filter is removed or the sealer is disturbed it will void your factory warranty so please use care when installing or removing fittings that you do not disturb this sealer.
If your turbocharger came with equipped with a water-cooled center housing it must be hooked into the engines coolant system or your warranty may be voided.
If serial number tag is removed or tampered with your warranty will be voided.
Your turbocharger’s wheels have been precision balanced both individually and then as a rotating assembly. If the relationship or position of any of the rotating components changes from the factory setting it will compromise the precision balance of the components and cause the turbocharger to fail prematurely.
There is a tamper evident sealer on the turbine shaft and nut, if this seal is disturbed or removed, your warranty will be voided.

If you suspect a problem with your Turbonetics product, the following steps must be taken prior to any warranty consideration:

  1. Please refer to the Turbonetics web site and review the troubleshooting guide
  2. Contact Turbonetics Sales/Tech Support for trouble shooting assistance prior to unit being removed from vehicle.
  3. Misdiagnoses of turbocharger related problems are a common occurrence, the majority of turbochargers returned to the factory for warranty consideration are found to have no defects.
  4. To save everybody time and labor cost it is our policy to help diagnose your potential turbocharger problem before it is removed from the engine.
  5. If a turbocharger is returned without the Tech/Sales department diagnoses and the unit found to be free of defects in material and or workmanship you will be responsible for the cost of time and materials to rebuild the turbocharger
  6. If it has been determined by our Tech/Sales department that the unit needs to be returned for warranty consideration the following action must take place.
  7. Turbonetics Customer Service Department will provide a RMA# (Return Material Authorization)
  8. On-line registration of your Turbonetics product must have taken place within 30 days of purchase date

Your warranty will automatically be void if:

  • Serial number tag is tampered with or removed
  • Oil inlet filter removed or tamper evident seal has been broken
  • Compressor shaft nut tamper evident seal has been broken
  • The turbocharger is equipped with a water-cooled center housing and lines are not connected to the coolant system of the vehicle

Turbonetics Warranty Policy does not cover the following:

1. Charges incurred for installation or removal of any Turbonetics or associated products

2. Replacing any custom upgrades or modifications done to our products

3. Multiple warranty claims of the same turbocharger

4. This warranty is Non-transferable and is only effective to the original purchaser


For more information on the proper install and care or your turbocharger, please reference p/n 60197

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