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DIYAutoTune's Jerry Hoffmann takes two 210mph records at the Ohio Mile

DIYAutoTune's MegaSquirt 3-Pro 240SX Sets 2 New Records Over 210 MPH

#787 shakes down some new hardware with 2 new records at Wilmington's Ohio Mile


Atlanta, GA: Today, DIYAutoTune, an industry leader in feature-rich plug-n-play and professional engine management systems, announced that their no. 787 MS3-Pro 240SX set a new record in the E Motor Blown Gas Altered class at the ECTA sanctioned Ohio Mile/ Hot Rod Top Speed Challenge in Wilmington this weekend.  The 210.97 mph new record was the pinnacle of the team's achievement and a personal best for CEO/ Driver Jerry Hoffmann.  The new record came on the tail of surpassing several previous records set by Hoffmann last year in the F motor Blown Gas Coupe class for which the 240SX was purpose-built. 


This year, DIYAutoTune added a new 79mm turbocharger, courtesy of Turbonetics, coupled with a new patent pending Spool Assist technology to unleash several hundred additional ft. lbs. torque on the low end where it was lacking at launch.  Pay close attention to the video at 01:24 as the turbocharger spools up immediately when Hoffmann hits the throttle in first gear. 


The DIYAutoTune MS3-Pro Team concluded the weekend with two new records (total: 9) and a new personal top speed for CEO/ Driver Jerry Hoffmann.  Here are the official race results:


Class             Displacement (L)          New Record/ Previous (mph)

F/BGC           2.016-3.014                    210.57/ 202.24

E/BGALT       3.015-4.276                    210.97/ Open


Follow the journey from the beginning on our current Bonneville or Bust blog page:  http://www.diyautotune.com/cars/project/diyautotune_s13_240sx.htm