Tight Radius Exhaust Elbow Kit


3.0" or 3.5"

Turbonetics Tight Radius Exhaust Elbow was designed for cramped engine bays. Designed to maximize the flow and performance. Mates with any Turbonetics exisitinig turbine housings with a 3.0" or 3.5" v-band discharge.

Turbonetics Tight Radius Exhaust Elow Features:

  • Made from ductile iron
  • Mating v-band flanges & clamps are made of stainless
  • Designed to mate to any Turbonetics existing turbine housings with a 3.0" or 3.5" v-band discharge
  • Housing comes with (2) M18X1.5 plugs, that can be removed, for user-installed exhaust gas sensors
  • Tight-radius elbow, specifically designed for cramped engine bay installions
  • Each kit contains (1) housing, (1) outlet v-band flnage, (2) v-band clamps, (2) M18 plugs
  • CFD designed to maximize flow and performance

3.0" kit part number 11843

3.5" kit part number 11844